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Mixing is much more than just delivering a balanced mix,

it is an important step in realising your artistic vision.

Sometimes this means ensuring everything is presented as it is,

other times it can involve creative production,

developing the palette of sounds further.


I work in a hybrid fashion making use of both

digital and analog equipment. 


This gives us the sonics and tactile control that analog delivers

but with the relative ease of recalls that digital allows. 


Mixes are done from my own studio in Kent

although I can mix at other studios if required.

Every project is different and a set fee would not reflect that.  Let's talk about your project and I'll be happy to put together a quote.  I take a 50% deposit with the remaining amount due once the mixes are signed off.


This does differ from session to session but commonly a couple rounds of revisons are enough to fully iron things out and these will be included in the quote for your project.  Please ensure you are as thorough as possible with your notes so we can work effectively. Revisions required after mix sign off are billed at an hourly rate.


  • Please ensure all the tracks start at bar 1 / beat 1.

  • Remove any master bus processing

  • If you have used any plugins on a track that you feel are important to the sound, please send a dry and processed version.

  • Ensure all tracks are labelled correctly.

  • If recorded to a click, please provide the bpm of the session.

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