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About me

I've had the pleasure of working with artists such as

Kikagaku Moyo, Rozi Plain, Billy Childish, Wendy Rae Fowler,

Leo Tayler, Upupayama, Bears In Trees,

Big Joanie and Bas Jan 

with releases on Sub Pop, Memphis Industries,

Kill Rockstars, Beyond Beyond is Beyond

and Neolithic Recordings.

I love making records and helping others

fulfil their creative vision, 

the magick of capturing sound waves and turning them into electrical energy to evoke emotions.


My approach leans towards intuition and performance,

blending live recording with creative sonic manipulation.

I currently work out of Press Play in South London,
Squarehead studio, Kent and 
my own mix room.

but am happy to work in any studio. 


If you have a project in mind reach out!

M: 07487 760518


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